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All skin types are considered good for powder brows but there are a few things that would make a person unfit for any type of tattoo. If you are pregnant or nursing, if you are taking blood thinning medications, if you suffer from eczema or psoriasis in the eyebrow area and anyone under radiotherapy or chemotherapy treatment are not good candidates for tattoo. If you are unsure if powder brow tattoo is right for you because of medical reasons, please consult with your doctor.


Powder brows are a process. There are 2 appointments, the first appointment taking anywhere from 1-2 hours. You will fill out paper work, we have a mini consultation, take before and after pictures, we create your perfect shape with brow product as your “stencil” and the tattoo procedure itself takes about 30-40 minutes. After your appointment, you are to follow an aftercare plan for 7-10 days. After 6 weeks, a touch-up session is recommended to perfect your brows. Powder brows are done with a light touch machine, implanting pigment that can last 1-3 years after your first session.  


Powder brow = single needle machine     microblading = multiple needle “blade” manual tool  


Microblading is creating cuts into the skin and adding in pigment; done manually with a handheld tool. Powder brow is adding shading to your brows with a soft touch machine, creating a look similar to brow powder or tint. I do not microblade nor do I work over previous microblading unless it has almost completely faded. 


Right after your appointment your brows may be slightly swollen, a little red and more saturated in color. The brows will look darker at first and soften as they heal. During the healing process you will experience some peeling similar to a sunburn or slight crusting for a few days. You can still wear makeup so long as you avoid your eyebrows. For 7-10 days you will wash your brows with a mild soap (ex. anti-bacterial, dove unscented, cetaphil) morning and night and then apply a paper thin layer of the proper aftercare ointment provided. Around day 3 you will experience itching and peeling, washing daily will help the brows naturally exfoliate. Once healed you may touch up your brows with product if needed in-between sessions.


It is recommended that you touch up your brows every 2-3 years. The retention of pigment varies with every client because of skin type and lifestyle. 


To insure the best and longest lasting result, avoid chemical peels, laser treatments and certain over the counter skin care products (ex. vitamin C/ retinol) on your brows.


 Always protect your brows with sunscreen if spending lots of time in the sun, just as you would with any tattoo. 


Powder brows are meant to be low maintenance but are not considered “no maintenance”. You may still need a little product if you desire a darker, more dramatic brow look.  


Powder brows do not remove brow hair so regular brow clean up is still needed. 


Powder brows do not tint brow hair.

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